V. Spike Peterson

V. Spike Peterson is a Professor of International Relations in the School of Government and Public Policy, with courtesy appointments in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Institute for LGBT Studies, Center for Latin American Studies, and International Studies. She was also honoured to receive the 2018 LGBTQA Scholar Award by the LGBTQA Caucus of the International Studies Association, which recognises her long-standing and pioneering research in queer approaches to International Relations and International Political Economy. In 2016 she received the Charles A. McCoy Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Political Science Association.

Her book publications include Global Gender Issues in the New Millennium (2010), and two earlier editions of Global Gender Issues (1999, 1993) with Anne Sisson Runyan; her own A Critical Rewriting of Global Political Economy: Integrating Reproductive, Productive and Virtual Economies (2003); and Gendered States: Feminist (Re)Visions of International Relations Theory (1992), which she contributed to and edited. She has published more than 100 journal articles and book chapters, most recently on informalisations of work in relation to structural inequalities and their corollary insecurities worldwide; global householding; gendering war and its economies; and critical queering of marriage, citizenship, migration and states/nations.