Felix Roesch

Felix Rösch is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Coventry University.

He works on encounters of difference in transcultural contexts particularly focusing on transatlantic relations and exchanges between Central Europe and Japan, investigating their effect on international political thought. In doing so, Felix pursues an interdisciplinary approach in which he combines comparative political theory with international political sociology and international historiography. Amongst others, he has published with the Review of International Studies, Ethics & International Affairs, European Journal of International Relations, and International Studies Perspectives. His most recent books include The Concept of the Political (2012), Émigré Scholars and the Genesis of International Relations (2014), Power, Knowledge, and Dissent in Morgenthau’s Worldview (2015), and Modern Japanese Political Thought and International Relations (2018). Felix co-edits the Global Political Thinkers and Trends in European IR Theory book series.