Hemelkart Ataya

Hemelkart Ataya is Lead in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer at CRASSH, University of Cambridge, and a team member of a UKRI-funded project aimed at ‘Securing the Transfer of Ancestral Agricultural Knowledges Across Europe’s Changing Regions of Environmental Suitability’ (NOAH). He has 20 years of experience in legal consultancy and research in the field of Intellectual Property and technology transfer. Throughout his career he has acquired expertise in different national jurisdictions and legal systems, especially in regards to IP licensing agreements and source code/software, patent, image and trademark licensing. Additionally, as a certified IP trainer he has provided extensive training in IP licensing to both private and public sector institutions. Hemelkart is currently finishing a PhD degree in Law. His thesis examines the impact of socio-economic structures and policies on the development and evolution of national and regional IP systems and their implementation.