Lauren Wilcox

Lauren Wilcox is University Lecturer in Gender Studies and Deputy Director of the University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies.

Dr Wilcox researches political violence, subjectivity, and embodiment from the perspective of feminist and queer theory. Her first major work, Bodies of Violence: Theorizing Embodied Subjects in International Relations, addresses a deep irony in war/security studies: that while war is actually inflicted on bodies, or bodies are explicitly protected, there is a lack of attention to the embodied dynamics of war and security. This work draws on feminist theory that offers a challenge to the policing boundaries between human bodies and the broader political context to address this irony in the first major work to centre questions of bodies and embodiment in IR.

Dr Wilcox has also published work in Security Studies, International Feminist Journal of Politics, Security Dialogue, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, and Feminist Review. Currently Dr Wilcox is working on a monograph tentatively entitled "War Beyond the Human". In this work, Dr Wilcox explores the political and technological assemblages of bodies that make up the so-called ‘posthuman’ nature of war and political violence for the ways in which they challenge we theorize the relationship between violence, desire, embodiment, race, sex, and gender.