Marie-Françoise Besnier

Marie is a Doctor in Assyriology and has recently taken up a position at the French bilingual school Les Petits Caméléons. She also supervises first-year students in Akkadian at the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge, and continues to research Mesopotamian divination when her business, Esagil Games, gives her some time off!

Esagil Games is a small business dedicated to Mesopotamian outreach, created in October 2017. In 2016, Marie invented the board game "Esagil, Treasure Hunt in Babylon" to tell children and their families about Ancient Mesopotamia. With funding from the University of Cambridge she presented the game at the Festival of Ideas 2016.

Both the success of the game and the experience of sharing her passion with families encouraged her to create Esagil Games. She regularly presents workshops and activities about Ancient Mesopotamia for the Festival of Ideas and the Science Festival (Cambridge) and other events. She also offers sessions about the Ancient Sumerian Civilisation in primary schools. All these activities are based upon authentic, original sources.