Global Epistemological Politics of Religion: Works in Progress | 19 June 2023

This workshop explores the historical and political rationales of various attempts to conceptualise and institutionalise social, religious and cultural difference, including processes of racialisation, circulations of law, border governance, and the recognition and regulation of religious minorities. The workshop is held at Sciences Po in Paris and provides an opportunity for five scholars of religion, politics, and governance at different career stages to present their works in progress. It builds on an ongoing scholarly conversation series convened by Dr. Maria Birnbaum as part of the Global Epistemological Politics of Religion (GLOREL) Research Group, based at the Centre for Knowledge Studies (gloknos) at the University of Cambridge, providing an opportunity for several scholars in this network to meet in person to discuss work in progress.

For more information, please contact Maria Birnbaum ( or Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (



Nadia Marzouki (Sciences Po)

Yolande Jansen (University of Amsterdam)

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (Northwestern University)

Iza Hussin (University of Cambridge)

Maria Birnbaum (Bern University)



Sciences Po, CERI, 28 rue des Saints Pères, Paris, Room S1.



10:00 - 18:00 CET



Northwestern Weinberg College Center for International and Area Studies

University of Bern

Sciences Po

Centre for Global Knowledge Studies, University of Cambridge