Senses of Taste

Wednesday 24 November 2021 | 4:15pm UK Time | Online via Zoom

This first discussion session in a series of six, hosted by Marieke Hendriksen (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam) and Alex Wragge-Morley (Lancaster University) will compare two of the key senses in which we talk about taste - taste acquired by the tongue in relation to food, and taste in art. Is the notion of aesthetic taste simply a metaphor, or are there more meaningful connections between taste on the tongue and taste in art and literature? What happens when an art critic and a food critic compare their understandings of taste?


Irene de Vette is a Toronto-based food and wine writer. She holds a MS in magazine journalism from Boston University and is a qualified sommelier. She authored several cookbooks and has extensive experience in moderating food and wine tastings.

Agnieszka Wołodźko is a lecturer and researcher at ArtEZ University of the Arts (The Netherlands), where she teaches philosophy of art courses and has initiated BIOMATTERs, an artistic research program that explores how to work with living matters.

Attendance is free but spaces may be limited, so please email to reserve a space in the Zoom audience. Please be aware that we will take a recording of this event, which may include any questions and responses delivered by the audience. You are welcome to submit questions via the chat box at any time.