What's Your Beef?

If you missed the 'Meat and Potatoes' panel we organised on 15 October at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, you can read Jacqueline Garget's excellent account of our panelists' interventions in her essay 'What's your Beef?'. Jacqueline is the Research Communications Manager at the University's Office of External Affairs and Communications.

The panel was supported by EIT Food's #AnnualFoodAgenda and is part of our ongoing transdisciplinary project 'Objects', which Jacqueline helped set up last year through a partnership between gloknos and the Global Food Security Interdisciplinary Research Center at Cambridge, with funding from the Isaac Newton Trust and the European Research Council.

Our panellists included Ms. Lesley Steinitz (History), Dr. Pablo Salas (Land Economy), and Pr. James Wood (Veterinary Science) and was filmed by gloknos associate member and the project's Director of Photography, Toby Smith.

The videos and audio-recordings of this and other segments of the project will soon be made available to the public on gloknos's YouTube Channel and forthcoming podcast.