Lukas Linsi

Lukas Linsi is a Senior Lecturer (UD1) in International Political Economy at the Department of International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Lukas’ research studies global capitalism and the micropolitics of economic measurement. His work takes theoretical inspiration from the critical tradition of political economic analysis but is primarily empirically driven, employing mixed methods strategies integrating quantitative and qualitative modes of analysis. His work on quantification scrutinizes how the economic data that scholars, companies, and policymakers normally take for granted are constructed and affect societies. Lukas also has a keen interest in thinking about alternative ways to track global political-economic dynamics (e.g. firms vs. states). His work has been published in outlets such as the Review of International Political Economy, New Political Economy, European Journal of International Relations or International Studies Quarterly.

Ongoing projects explore the malleability and politicization of indicators of corporate performance, the political economy of academic publishing companies, discourses of “deglobalization”, and the role of multinational corporations in facilitating or inhibiting the transition to a circular economy.

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