Marieke Hendriksen

Marieke Hendriksen is a historian of early modern science, art, and knowledge, and currently leads the department of Knowledge and Art Practices at the Huygens Institute of the Humanities Cluster of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam.

Her research interests are the role of material culture and sensory perception in the production and exchange of knowledge in the early modern period, in particular in the realms of medicine, chemistry, and art.Marieke's current research focuses on the question how we can understand historical epistemologies of both sensory and aesthetic taste – i.e. how was taste used to acquire and transmit knowledge in the past, and can we taste the past? This research is partly funded by an inaugural KNAW Early Career Award (2019) and an NWO Aspasia Premium (2021).As of 2024, she leads the ERC consolidator project PRESERVARE: Large-scale conservation of perishable foodstuffs in the Low Countries, 1600-1800.

Research Group: Senses of Taste