Sebastian Porsdam Mann

Sebastian Porsdam Mann is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at the University of Copenhagen, and Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.

After serving in the Military Police, Sebastian matriculated at Cambridge, where he studied philosophy, psychology and neuroscience. This combination of interests led naturally to a PhD in the philosophy of neuroscience, for which he spent another three years in Cambridge under the tutelage of Barbara J. Sahakian, Julian Savulescu, and Abdul K. Mohammed, leaders in neuropsychopharmacology, bioethics, and neurobiology, respectively. After submission, Sebastian hopped the pond to the other Cambridge, where he served two years as one of the two first postdoctoral research fellow and teaching assistant ever hired at Harvard Medical School's Centre for Bioethics. Sebastian is very grateful to the Carlsberg Foundation, which granted him a 1.1m DKK personal grant to continue his work at the Universities of Copenhagen and Oxford.

Sebastian's current research focuses on:

1) The use of blockchain to improve biomedical research conduct and analysis. Amongst other aims, the project aims demonstrate how blockchain technologies can be used to eliminate publication bias, p-hacking, moving endpoints, and several types of fraud or scientific misconduct; give patients direct autonomy over control of their data; enable hitherto unknown modes of participatory and citizen-science; and automate statistical analyses.

2) Developing an interpretation of the Human Right to Science (Art 15[1]B, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights), and its implications, with the aim of making this important right justiciable.

3) Ethics and efficacy of cognitive enhancement.

Previous research areas involve the ethics of creating novel lifeforms, the link between human rights and mental health, and the ethical use of health data for secondary research.