Chris Roolart

I am a second year International Relations and International Organizations student at the University of Groningen. My passion for international relations and what happens on a global level have led me to understand that an international career is my ultimate goal. During the first part of my studies, this programme has given me a better understanding of Political Science, International Law, Economics, History and even French. In the future, I hope to continue my studies with a master's degree, and further my knowledge about how the world works.

Being a part of the Career and Conference Committees of the Study Association, Clio, has allowed me to gain hands-on knowledge about event planning, and also allowed me to give back to the international student community. Now, I would like to focus on helping gloknos by giving my assistance in administrative and communication matters. In time to come, I am striving to gain diplomatic experience and learn more about global issues and security, humanitarian law and development.