Maarten Meijer | 2021

Visiting October - December 2021

Maarten Meijer is a doctoral candidate at the Department of International Relations at the University of Groningen. His doctoral research focusses on the history of soil as an institution of geo-biopolitical governance, drawing on histories of infrastructure, technology, (soil) sciences, colonialism, and fascism. More broadly, he is interested in political and environmental thought, cosmologies of the end, and philosophies of translation and diplomacy. In addition to his academic work, Maarten is a co-creator of an award-winning contribution to the design contest ‘Giving a Voice to the North Sea’, organised by the Dutch NGO ‘the Embassy of the North Sea’. He currently works together with Studio Inscape on a serious game in which players negotiate on the changing future of the Oosterschelde region for the Water Disaster Museum in the province of Zeeland.

I will be working on a chapter of my dissertation 'Making the world of soil'.

Herein, I trace the history of conceptualising soil as a natural body, the history of soil mapping in the Netherlands, and the history of the making of the UNESCO/FAO world soil map. I interpret these histories in relation to questions of colonialism and geopower.

During the fellowship, I intend to organise a symposium, for which I would invite several humanities scholars working on soils to present work at the intersection of soil epistemologies, soil politics and soil diplomacies.

Lobo-Guerrero, Luis, Suvi Alt, and Maarten Meijer, eds. Imaginaries of Connectivity and the Creation of Novel Spaces of Governance. New York: Rowman and Littlefield, December 2019.

Meijer, M.J. (2021) “Charles Liernur’s Pneumatic Sewage and the Governance of Soils”, Tijd en Moderniteit, accepted for publication.