Global Epistemics Section EISA PEC19 | 11-14 September 2019

Global Epistemics: Seeing, Knowing, Norming 'the Global'

gloknos is sponsoring the second section on Global Epistemics at the 2019 European International Studies Association's annual Pan-European Conference on International Relations, held in Sofia on 11-14 September 2019. The section is co-convened by gloknos team members Felix Anderl and Inanna Hamati-Ataya.

Section Abstract

The realm of 'the global' is partly constituted, inhabited, and regulated through a range of epistemic practices deployed by various actors engaged in complementary or antagonistic politics of worlding. This transdisciplinary Section on Global Epistemics invites individual and collective interventions that examine the constitution, diffusion, transformation, normalisation, and contestation of past, present, and emerging knowledge of/for 'the global', and of the particular modes of being, seeing, doing, and norming that these knowledges have enabled, constrained, undermined, or erased. We welcome panels, roundtables, and papers from all disciplinary, methodological, and theoretical perspectives, ranging from micro-studies of knowledge-production and norming practices to longue durée analyses of macro-processes of epistemic diffusion and globalisation. We especially encourage submissions that explore the representational, material, or normative aspects, interconnections, and effects of epistemic artefacts, techniques, modes, and practices of seeing, representing, mapping, measuring, surveying, planning, connecting, controlling, surveilling, defining, distinguishing, transforming, or standardising that contribute to the constitution, ordering, and performance of 'the global' as an imagined, lived, and enacted reality. We are further interested in the conditions and rituals through which globalising knowledge is produced, validated, enunciated, and deployed; the (competing) interests and normative imaginaries that are invested and constituted in these processes of legitimation; and the invisible or silenced loci and epistemologies from which alternative visions, values, and practices of worlding and globalism might emerge.

List of Panels and Roundtables:

  1. Agricultural Knowledges
  2. Assembling the Global-Local: Knowledge Production in and of Conflicts
  3. Asymmetries and Hierarchies of Global Orders
  4. Competing Agents, Structures, and Institutions of Knowledge-Production
  5. Decentring the Global -- New Prisms of Analysis
  6. Epistemes of Unfolding Anthropic Crises
  7. Epistemologies of Mapping and the Making of Empire
  8. Global Health from the Anthropos to the Anthropocene
  9. Rethinking Globality Through Space and Culture
  10. Imaginaries of Connectivity and the Creation of Novel Spaces of Governance
  11. Norming the Global -- Discuss!
  12. Practicing and Teaching the Epistemics of the Global

Image: Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Sofia, Bulgaria, as it looked in 1910. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.