Cum Panis Seminars

The cum panis seminar series is a forum to share and discuss work currently in progress, and break bread (or cake!) with new intellectual companions. Papers are circulated ahead of the discussion to a small group of interested colleagues and students, so book your place as soon as you can - and bring your favourite cup of tea, coffee, or maté!

14 December 2021 | Maria Birnbaum
The Costs of Recognition: Global Epistemological Politics of Religion

29 October 2019 | Luis Lobo-Guerrero
Drakes, Maroons and the Predation of Spanish Imperial Connectivity in XVIC

30 October 2019 | Sebastian Porsdam Mann
Consent, Prosent and Biomedical Data in the Era of Blockchain

20 November 2019 | David Blaney
Trade, Empire and Late-Victorian Economists: Jevons, Marshall and the Insecure Boundaries of Liberal Political Economy

12 December 2019 | Anahita Arian
The XVII C. Safavid Diplomatic Envoy to Siam: A Politics of Knowledge Formation

24 January 2020 | Ian Bruff
Neoliberalism's Literary Rhythms: Engaging with Canonical Texts to Vanquish the Market Myth

28 January 2020 | Sebastian Haug
Revisiting the North/South Binary: Towards a Thirding Lens

6 November 2018 | Peter Marcus Kristensen
States of Emergence, States of Knowledge: On International Relations Theorising in Rising Powers

28 January 2019| Ingrid Paoletti
Intangible Material Culture: Technical Knowledge Transfer in Architecture

14 February 2019 | Paul Beaumont
Ranking the World: Globalising Status Competition in International Society

14 May 2019 | Maria Birnbaum
The Power of Agnosis and the Politics of the Unknown

30 May 2019 | Arlene B. Tickner
Becoming Worldly: Relationality as Methodology

4 June 2019 | Thomas Lindner
Agriculture and Anti-Imperialism: The Transnational Career of Pandurang Khankhoje

20 June 2019 | Julia L Cassaniti
The Burning Issue: Knowledge Construction in the Land Management Fires of South East Asia


Image: Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Peasant Wedding (1566-1569). Public Domain