I wish to thank Prof Kate Fleet and Prof Ebru Boyar for their help in finding Ottoman books and periodical articles on the Arctic. They also contributed to this exhibition through translating parts of the primary sources and checking the captions, thereby helping me to avoid mistakes arising from my unfamiliarity with the Turkish language and culture.

Prof Burcu Karahan’s (Stanford University) vast knowledge on the translations of Jules Verne in the Ottoman Empire has greatly enriched this exhibition, for which I am grateful.

Andrei Popescu, PhD student in Physics and President of the Cambridge University Russian Society, was instrumental in the search of Russian primary sources, most importantly the late Imperial postcards – thank you.

Dr Marisa Karyl Franz (New York University) has not only shared scans of her postcards but also her rich knowledge on museums and ethnographic research in Imperial Siberia with me. I am also grateful to her for contributing a brief piece on the ethnographic postcards to this project.

I extend my gratitude to Charlotte Connelly, the Curator of the Polar Museum, for her valuable feedback as well as Dr Jean de Pomereu, Dr Eleanor Peers and Dr Katya Rogatchevskaia (British Library) who took the time to look at the preview and generously shared their thoughts.

I am indebted to the libraries that allowed me to use their digitised materials. (Please see List of Figures)

Thank you, dear Samantha Peel, and thank you, Dr Inanna Hamati-Ataya, for supporting my idea and my work.

Dr Anna Gielas