Norming Knowledges Ideas Lab | 29 January 2019

This Ideas Lab brings together professionals from the history and sociology of science and technology, political studies, international relations, international law, political geography, ecology, and environmental activitism, to reflect on the ways wherein specific epistemic objects, practices, structures, and processes enable or shape trans-societal and global political-legal norms, and the extent to which global norms are or can be informed and driven by advances across the fields of knowledge.


Felix Anderl (CRASSH, University of Cambridge); Helen Anne Curry (History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge); Markus Gehring (International Law, University of Cambridge); Inanna Hamati-Ataya (CRASSH, University of Cambridge); Maren Hofius (Global Governance, Universität Hamburg); Maximilian Mayer (STS/IR, University of Nottingham, Ningbo); David Nally (Human Geography, University of Cambridge); Or Rosenboim (History and International Politics, City University of London); Martin Steinfeld (EU Law, University of Cambridge); Tom Wakeford (Ecology, ETC Group); Antje Wiener (Global Governance, Universität Hamburg).


Image: Otto Neurath, Mächte der Erde. Gesellschafts- und Wirstschaftsmuseum in Wien. Leipzig: Verlag des Bibliographischen Institut, 1930.