Session Four: Finance and Rural Labour

'Debt and Credit in Rural Communities' is an online reading group that pays attention to processes of agrarian change unleashed by debt and credit. It looks at the experiences of rural communities, peasants, and workers while also examining the structural transformations produced by finance.

Thursday 10 June 2021 | 18:00-19:00 UK-Time

This week, the group are meeting to discuss the following texts:

Brass, Tom (2010) 'Capitalism, Primitive Accumulation and Unfree Labour'. In Imperialism, Crisis and Class Struggle, ed. H. Veltmeyer. The Hague: Brill, pp. 67–131.

Rossman, Peter 2010. 'What ‘financialisation’ means for food workers'. Seedling (January 2010), 21–5.

Natarajan, Nithya; Parsons, Laurie; & Brickell, Katherine (2019) 'Debt‐Bonded Brick Kiln Workers and Their Intent to Return: Towards a Labour Geography of Smallholder Farming Persistence in Cambodia'. Antipode, 51: 1581-1599.

This reading group is convened by Joseph Martínez-Salinas. If you have any queries about the events or reading, please don't hesitate to email.


Image courtesy of Joseph Martínez-Salinas.