The gloknos Annual Lectures Series

23 May | Lucian Ashworth

The Horizon of Geopolitics: Twenty-First Century Variations on a Twentieth Century Theme

The full programme will be made available soon.

18 February | Narciso Barrera Bassols
Soil research and practice of ethnopedology

15 April | Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer
Strauss in Beijing

13 May | Karen Sayer [Postponed]
The View from the Land, 1947-1981: ‘Modernity’ in British Agriculture, Farm, Nation and Community

27 May | Patricia Owens
Women’s International Thought: Toward a New Canon?

2 June | Tahu Kukutai
Indigenous Data Sovereignty

9 June | Sonja Brentjes
Ali Al-Sharafi’s Oeuvre as Something Other Than Simply Local or Global

16 June 2021 | Karen C Pinto [Postponed]
Islamicate Territorial Imaginations: Maps, Birds, and Related Machinations

17 June 2021 | Kalwant Bhopal [Postponed]
Title TBC

23 June 2021 | Laleh Khalili
Salvage, Service, or Militancy: Missions, unions, and states in maritime Arab world

9 July 2021 | Sarah de Rijcke [Postponed]
Title TBC

28 October | Luis Lobo-Guerrero
Novelty and the Emergence of the Western Global in the Early Sixteenth Century

10 December | Amanda Rees
The Future of History: From Cliodynamics to Degenerative Dystopia, via Science Fiction

7 February | Dag Herbjørnsrud
From Epistemicide to Global Knowledge: Reconstructing a Decolonised Academy

15 April | Sonja Brentjes [POSTPONED TO 2020-21]
Heavens and Earth: An Empirical Approach to Knowledge Across Cultures

15 May | Sarah de Rijcke [POSTPONED TO 2020-21]
[Title TBC]

15 June | Stéphane Van Damme [POSTPONED TO 2020-21]
Towards a Global History of Knowledge? Premises, Promises, Concerns

19 October | David Edgerton
Turning the History of Technology Upside Down: The Supremacy of Uruguay

4 December | Eleanor Robson
Geographies of Knowledge in Ancient and Modern Iraq: The Nahrein Network and the Intellectual Infrastructure of Heritage

23 January | Sujit Sivasundaram
In the Bay of Bengal: Modelling Empire, Globe and Self

28 February | Erica Charters
Knowledge and War: Paper Technologies in Early Modern Empires

8 March | Rebecca Earle
The Political Economy of Nutrition in the 18th Century

2 May | Johan Östling
Circulating Public Knowledge: Towards a New History of the Postwar Humanities


Image: Magnus Zeller, The Orator, c. 1920. ©2018. Digital Image Museum Associates/LACMA/Art Resource NY/Scala, Florence.